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King Pin Kits

Front axle kingpin kits are essentially a type of an axle group that is placed on the axis that wheels rotate around. This axle rotate either together with the wheels, or the wheels rotate on the bearings at both ends of the axle. Both of these methods are used in vehicles. The front wheels of the vehicle are attached to a fixed axle connected to the steering mechanism and they rotate around ball bearings. The rear wheels, however, are mounted on a rotating axle. This allows the rotation of the wheels. The rear axle of a car is split into two to form a semi-shaft. As the vehicle takes a turn, the wheel positioned outside travels more, hence the vehicle rotates faster and safer.

The Purpose of a King Pin Kit

King pin kits are rods and axles which are placed transversely under the vehicle and pass through the center of the wheels. In this way, the kit also serves to connect both wheels. Because of this, the force and the vibration received from a single wheel affects other wheels. When these vibrations are excessive, it results in an uncomfortable driving. However, the impact resistance of this suspension system is higher as the system becomes simple and practical. This feature also extends its lifespan. Therefore, king pin kits are commonly used in vehicles intended for heavy duty transport since they increase the rotating power of the wheels.

The section where the kits are located, consists of many parts. Among these, are many suspension components besides the large number of drivetrain components. In general, systems using modern king pin kits also allow the steering of the tires in addition to the overlapping of the tires. These kits differ in terms of their installation and functionalities. Thus, it is important to find the most suitable king pin kit for the vehicle.

King pin kits are the main pivot in the steering mechanism and they also define the wheelbase. Wheelbases may also vary according to the area of use of the vehicle. A long wheelbase increases the stability and driving characteristics. However, short wheelbases are easier to be applied on suspension applications with high damping characteristics. Moreover, these vehicles take turns more easily due to their small turning diameter.