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Drive Shaft Center Supports

The purpose of the driveshaft is to transmit the power from the gearbox output shaft to the differential. Driveshaft center support, also called as center support bearing, is both a mounting component of the driveshaft to the vehicle chassis and a stabilizer for the driveshaft, ensuring vibration-free operation. Hence it provides the connection between the gearbox and the differential as well. The center support has a supportive role in the transmission of the torque and velocity generated in the gearbox to the differential and from this area to the axle and wheels. It offers the advantage of flexible operation between gearbox and differential as the road conditions and the load of the vehicle changes. The center support is manufactured as a hollow.Thanks to this feature, the driveshaft may be used for a longer period of time as it is lighter and more durable. Center supports with non-hollow shafts are heavier. Therefore, it causes more strain on the bearings at high speeds and increases the risk of bending.

Driveshaft Types

The driveshaft is manufactured in two ways. One of them is a single piece and it is used in trucks and construction equipment carrying heavy loads. The other type is multi-piece shaft. These are generally used in automobiles. Multi-piece shafts allow the connection of the shaft in a more angular way. Thus, their center of gravity is closer to the ground.Furthermore, a driveshaft center ball bearing is available in two-piece shafts and it is only present in this type. It allows the shaft to rotate more easily and comfortably thanks to the bearings inside. These features play a critical role depending on the area of use and also for a smoother operating system so you should pay attention when you purchase them. Moreover, the outer part of the center support is fixed and it is connected to the chassis from the bottom part of the vehicle with the center support housing. It is also ensured that it provides support by connecting it to the midsection of the shaft. On top of that, a rubber mount surrounding the center support prevents vibration and noise. If the center ball bearing wears out over time, the user can detect this from the abnormal sounds the system generates. In such cases, driveshaft center ball bearings have to be replaced as soon as possible.